Established in London, 1886, by three brothers George, Albert and Frederick. Over 130 years later, we stay true to their foundations of quality and innovation to create exceptional taste.

Franklin & Sons is a Great Taste producer, with a 100% natural range. Our products contain only natural flavors, extracts and colors and never contain sweeteners or preservatives.

We use the best sourced natural ingredients, from Sicilian lemons to handpicked English elderflower. The entire range uses British sugar beet and Staffordshire spring water, renowned for its purity.

At Franklin & Sons we are not afraid to try something new – the range is developed alongside mixologists to create unique twists and remain on-trend at the forefront of flavor discovery.

4-pack basket formats available, emphasising the brands flavors and quality ingredients. A premium grab & go solution.

A range which works with a whole selection of spirits and flavour profiles: vodka, rum, whisk(e)y, gin, vermouth and more.

Taking health & moderation into consideration: a vegan friendly range, gluten free (excluding Ginger Beer) and as little as 5% sugar.

Alternatively for East Coast and Mid-West requests contact Greg Ilewski on 314-401-2477 or

For West Coast requests contact Mark Newman on 818-390-3888 or